Board of Directors


Ulfat Hussein


Ms. Ulfat Hussein Masibo founded Africa Muslim Women Action Network (AMWAN) in 2019 and based in Mombasa. AMWAN is Muslim women led organization seeking to bring forth an egalitarian society by advocating for gender equality and women empowerment. She is also the current Regional co-ordinator for Coast People Forum (CPF), an organisation seeking to educate the girl child at the coast region.

Ms. Hussein is a Kenyan citizen born from an Arab Muslin mother and a Christian father of African origin, the late Patrick Masibo. 

Elie Bukuru

Imam Khalfan Bukuru Elie

Vice President

Imam Khalfan, President, Founder, and Legal Representative of AICNDH, is a leader in the Muslim community in Burundi. Imam Khalfan was born in Nyagatovu in 1984. After college, he went to study Islamic Studies at the Islamic Institute of Mombasa. At that time, he became aware of harmful interpretations of sacred texts. In 2012, upon returning from Mombasa, Imam Khalfan did a six-month training on Islamic Thought at the Islamic Cultural Center in Kigali.

Through AICNDH, he engages in promoting human rights, especially Muslim women’s rights, citizen participation, and humanitarian development. As a #ImamsForShe Champion, he was a keynote speaker in conferences on Freedom of Religion and Sexuality at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.

Imam Khalfan holds a graduate degree in Mathematical Physics from the Normal Superior School of Burundi (ENS). As a student, Imam Khalfan founded and led the Association of Muslim Students of Normal School (AEMENS). He also served as Executive Secretary for Muslim Students of the East African Community. Currently he is the Deputy Secretary of Alliance of Inclusive Muslims.

Supna Zaidi

Sherine Elbanhawy


Sherine Elbanhawy is pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. She’s also the founder of Rowayata literary magazine showcasing Egyptian writers. She’s a blogger, freelance writer, and writes book/movie reviews for ScoopEmpire. She enjoys spending time with family, is committed to community service. She loves to travel, ride bikes, and read.

Ani Zonneveld

Ani Osman-Zonneveld


Ms. Ani Zonneveld is Founder and President of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), a faith-based, grassroots, international human rights organization that embodies and advocates for the traditional Qur’anic values of social justice and equality for all. Ms. Zonneveld has presided over MPV’s expansion to include chapters and affiliates in 12 countries and 19 cities. She is the co-editor of MPV’s first book “Progressive Muslim Identities – Personal Stories from the U.S. and Canada”; and has contributed to many forewords and to numerous anthologies, and is a contributor for HuffingtonPost, Open Democracy and al-Jazeera, and is the subject of a documentary title “al-imam” featuring Ani’s activism works. As an award-winning songwriter, Ms. Zonneveld utilizes the power of music and the arts in countering radicalism as she speaks-sings her message of social justice and peace from a progressive Muslim woman’s perspective, and is the first woman to release an English Islamic pop album in the U.S. in 2004.

Ms. Zonneveld has spearheaded the founding of the Alliance of Inclusive Muslims and now serves as its Treasurer.

Frej Fenniched

Frej Fenniche


Mr. Frej Fenniche was, until recently, the Chief of Asia, Pacific, Middle East and North Africa Branch (APMENAB) at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, based in Geneva. He started working with the UN in 1997 as the Head of the OHCHR Country Office in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). In 2001, he was appointed Senior Human Rights Officer in charge of the coordination with NGOs in the context of the World Conference Against Racism (Durban, September 2001). From 2002 to 2004, Mr. Fenniche was Chief of the Middle East and North Africa Section (MENA). He also served in the field as Regional Representative in the Arab Region, based in Beirut (2004-2006), and Regional Representative for Africa, based in Addis Ababa (2007-2010). From 2010 to 2015, Mr. Fenniche was appointed again as the Chief of MENA Section in Geneva. Prior to joining the United Nations, he was the Executive Director of the Arab Institute for Human Rights (Tunis, 1989-1996) and he was working as a junior researcher with the League of Arabs States (1984-1989).

Mr. Fenniche holds a Master’s degree from Institut de Presse et des Sciences de l’information, Tunis University and a First degree from Ecole Nationale d’Administration, Tunis University. In addition, between 1993 and 1995, he attended courses in political science at the Faculty of Law at Tunis University.

Mr. Fenniche is now an Independent Advisor to the Alliance of Inclusive Muslims board.